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The post feature gives you as an educator the option to publish information that is aimed at

  • students only
  • guardians only
  • both students and guardians


  1. Click Postin the left menu.
  2. ClickCreate new post.
  3. Underthe Students header, choose who you want to publish the post for. 
  • A) Select entire groups.
  • B) Select individuals.
  1. Choose/name/describe
  • A) Choose recipients
    • Guardians – can read the post.
    • Students – can read the post.
  • B) Title – Name your post.
  • C) Description – enter the information you want to share.
  1. Publishing
  • A) Important – the post is marked as important.
  • B) Publication date – the date from which the post is to be visible.
  • C) Valid until – enter the date for when the post expires. Leave blank if there is no end date.
  • D) Date of event (shown if Important is selected) – specify the date on which the event occurs.


  1. Add images and files – Drag and drop files into the box, or click directly in the box and locate your files using your explorer on your computer.
  2. Click:
  • Publish to publish your post. The students/guardians for whom you have chosen to publish the post will now be able to view it.
  • Cancel to remove everything you have filled in.

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