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Directly in Haldor’s assignment feature there is a link to Urkund’s plagiarism checker. In order for you to use this, you must have an Urkund licence. Do you have a Urkund license and want to link it to Haldor Education? If so, contact us at


  1. Go to your assignment.
  2. ClickPlagiarism Checker.
  3. Selectthe students for whom you want to check the submissions via Urkund
  • A) Select all documents for all students.
  • B) Select individual documents for a student.
  1. You can now check the selected documents.
  2. A)If you have selecteddocument – click Check out to the right adjacent to the selected document.
  3. B)If you have selectedall documents – click Check Selected at the bottom of the page.
  4. When you get the document back, the results of Urkund’s review are shown directly in Haldor.
  • Status – Makes visible whether the document is sent, is being analysed, or has been analysed. 
  • Weighting – what percentage of the document could be plagiarism. The document needs examined further to determine whether it contains citations or is pure plagiarism.
  • Report – link to the full report at Urkund.

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