Install Haldor as a Tab in Your Team

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  1. Go to your Team.
  2. Click Add a tab (plus sign) located in the tab menu inside your team.
  3. Locate and clickHaldorfrom the apps that appear. 
  4. Fill in the fields.
  • A) Choose the type of tab – choose the content you want to add.
    • Haldor – Plans, Assignments, Assessments (Recommended).
    • Haldor Plans – The tab only shows Plans.
    • Haldor Assignments – The tab only shows Assignments.
    • Haldor Assessment – The tab only shows Assessments.
    • Haldor Attendance – Displays attendance and is used for student mentor teams. Read more about student mentor teams by clicking here.
  • B) Title – Name your tab.
  1. ClickSave.
  2. The tab is now installed in your team. You and your students can now work with the selected content directly from the team. 

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