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In this guide we will show you how to create a group with Haldor Admin

  1. Click "Create" to your left and select "Group"

  2. Choose what school the group should belong to in the list "Select School".Group-_School.png

  3. Enter a name for the group and if you'd like a description (description is not mandatory)

  4. Select group type under "Select group type".
    Select Education group if it's a normal group for e.g Haldor Education.
    Select Mentor group if you're creating a mentor group
    Select Class if you're creating a Classgroup

  5. Select the teachers for the group (Owners) and search for the users at "Select teachers"
    Owners also becomes members of the group.
  6. Select the members for the group (students) and serach for the users at "Select members".Group_-_Members.png

  7. Click on "Add group"
    The group is now being created and it can take a couple of minutes before being done. 
    Depending on which type of group you've created you may also need to create a team (for the workspace). Search for the group, and select it. You can then see to your right "Create Team". Simply click that and wait for a few minutes while the team is automatically being created. 

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