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Sysadmin (or system admin) is an administrator that can manage users and groups in Haldor Admin but has no other rights in the tenant. 

1. To manage your SysAdmins, click in the panel to the left, choose "Manage" and then Sysadmins"


2. In the list you can see which accounts are registered as a Sysadmin.
If you want to remove a Sysadmin, simply click the elipse (the 3 dots next to the e-mail) and select "Remove av Sysadmin"


3. In case you would like to add another Sysadmin you can do that further to your right on the button "Add SysAdmin"

4. Then you simply search after the correct user and choose which school the user gets to be an administrator for in the list.



5. Done! This user now signs in with the same account as usually at admin.haldor.se and can control the school that's added on the user as SysAdmin. 

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