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About the feature

  • Study groups can be used in the group work
  • As a teacher, you can view study groups through the projector to make groups in which the students are to work visible
  • You can have multiple study groups within a class/education group according to different areas of work or subjects
  • Students can see which study groups they belong to
  1. ClickGroups located in the left menu
  2. Clickthe group in which you want to create a study group.
  3. Underthe Tools header, click Study Groups, which is located to the right.
  4. ClickCreate Study Group to create a new study group.
  5. You will now come to the form to create study groups.
  6. Title– Name your study group.
  7. Dividethe groups.
  • Divide Automatically -
    • A) Choose Number of Groups or...
    • B) Students per group and enter the number using + (plus) and (minus).
    • C) Now choose Generate to create groups automatically.
  • Create the groups manually:
    • D) Add group.
    • E) Under Choose group adjacent to each student, you can now move students into the groups you create. 
  1. ClickSave once you have completed your group division
  2. The study group is now ready for use. 

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