Communication with Guardians

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The messaging feature allows you to communicate with guardians, students or colleagues directly from within Messages in Haldor. Only student mentors can start conversations with guardians. 


  1. ClickMessages located in the left menu.
  2. Here you will find your previous/ongoing conversations that you have had or are having with guardians, students or colleagues.


  1. ClickEnter new located in the upper right corner to start a new conversation.
  2. Enterthe student’s name in the search box and press Enter
  3. you will now see a hit list of all the students that match your search. Selectthe studentwhose Guardian you want to communicate with. 


  1. If you do not want the student to join the conversation, Deselectthe student and make sure the boxes next to Guardians are selected.
  2. After you selectwho is to join the conversation, clickEnter Message.
  3. Message window – you now have access and can start a new conversation with the people you selected.
  • Here you can see who is participating in the conversation.
  1. Enteryour message and click Send or press the Enter key to send the message.


  1. When you have received a reply to a message/someone has written to you, you will see this in Messagesin the left menu. Red numbers symbolise the number of unread messages.

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