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In the student portfolio you will find information about the student. The information you see is based on the role you have in Haldor. 

Today, the School Administrator and Student Mentor roles can view the student portfolio. 

As a student mentor, you can also proceed via Overview in the left navigation and click through to the information. In this guide, the path is made visible through the search feature.


  1. Search for the student’s namein the search box in the upper right corner. 
  2. Click the studentwhose student portfolio you want to view.
  3. You will now enter the student portfolio. The information you see is based on the role you have in Haldor and the features that are enabled. 
  • A) Assessments – The Student’s assessments
  • B) Summative Judgements – The Student’s summative judgements
  • C) Timetable – The Student’s individual timetable
  • D) Attendance – The Student’s attendance
  • E) Reasonable adjustments – See and create reasonable adjustments for the student
  • F) Notes – Take notes about the student.
  • G) Meetings – All meetings your student is invited to
  • H) Documentation – Upload files linked to the student
  • I) Details – Contact details of guardians.


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