Install Haldor Education in Microsoft Teams

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  1. Open Microsoft Teams.You can follow the steps both through the installed version of Teams or through your browser.
  2. In the left menu inside Teams, click the three dots (...)
  3. If Haldor Education already appears among your installed applications, you do not need to continue in this guide.
  • A) If Haldor is already installed, you can see the app here.
  • B) If Haldor is not installed, click “More apps”
  1. You will now be redirected to the Teams app store. Search for Haldor in the search feature.
  2. In the hit list, look for Haldor Education. Click the boxwhere the app appears.
  3. You will then come to a pop-up window where you can read more about Haldor. Click Add to a team.
  4. The app is now installed and appears in your left menu. If you are unable to locate the app the next time you go in, you will find it by clicking on the three dots (...) (first step of this guide).

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