Working with Assignments

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  1. ClickAssignments in the left menu
  2. All assignments assigned to you appear under different categories, if you do not see a category, you do not have an assignment in that category.
  • Expired end date – Assignments you have failed to submit on time
  • Current – Current assignments
  • Upcoming – Upcoming assignments
  • Submitted – Assignments you have submitted
  1. A) Category: Current
  2. B) Assignment


  1. Clickan assignment
  2. Description– When you enter an assignment, the assignment’s instructions appear at the top of the screen.
  3. Under the Toolsheader located out to the right, the following appears 
  • A) Conversation – Start a conversation with your teacher who created the assignment
  • B) Print View – Print the assignment
  • C) Open Workspace – Open the underlying SharePoint library to access your files.
  • D) Submit – When you have finished your assignment, go here to submit it.
  1. Scrolldown the page.
  2. Learning Goals– Here you can view the learning goals that the teacher will assess the assignment on. Once your assignment is assessed, the assessment will appear here, among other places.
  • A) Click the plus sign to drop down the learning goals.


  1. Attached documents to the assignment – Documents that your teacher has attached to the assignment. Clicking on a document will download it to your computer. 
  2. My files
  • A) Details – Here you will see your files. The selected file appears at C. If there are no files here proceed to B. 
  • B) Upload – If you do not have any files in your file area or want to upload additional files. 
  • C) Document/file – Documents located under A, are embedded and made visible here.
  1. Upload files to Haldor.

If you want to upload a file, there are two ways to do this.

  • A) Click Upload that is adjacent to the My Files header
  • B) Scroll up the page and click Open Workspace, is located out to the right under the Tools headerThis method is preferable if you have large files to upload.
  1. Edit documentsin Haldor

Option 1

  • A) Place the cursor in the document and start working on your assignment.
  • B) Press Collapse to collapse the Detail menu.
  • C) Choose Full Screen to get the document to cover the full screen.

Option 2

  1. A)Click Open in Desktop App.If you have the Word application installed on your computer then this will start. You can then work with Word’s full editing features. If you have an unreliable Internet connection, this option is preferable. 

Option 3

  1. A) ClickEditunder The document opens in Word Online in a new tab in a web browser. 
  2. SubmitAssignment – To submit your assignment, scroll to the top of the assignment. Click Submit . 
  3. If the Are you sure? prompt appears, click Submit if you are sure you want to submit. 

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