Create Timetable Position

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  1. ClickTimetable in the left menu.
  2. ClickCreate located in the upper right corner.
  3. Fill in:
  • A) Title – The name of the timetable position.
  • B) Description – describe the lesson. This field can be left blank.
  • C) Group – Choose the education group that is to have the timetable position.
  1. Fill in:
  • A) Date – Enter the date when the timetable position takes place. If you create a later timetable position, choose the start date here.
  • B) Time – the times between which the timetable position takes place.
  • C) Length – How long the timetable position is to last.
  • D) Room – Specify specific room. This field can be left blank.
  1. Enter:
  • A) Curricula – choose a curriculum.
  • B) Repeat this lesson – choose whether it is a recurring event to repeat.
  • C) Create a Teams meeting for the lesson – choose whether you automatically want a Teams meeting linked to each timetable position.
  1. Press Save to Exit

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