Create a Parent-Teacher Meeting

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  1. ClickParent-Teacher Meeting in the left menu.
  2. Click New Meetinglocated in the upper right corner.
  3. The booking of the Parent-Teacher Meeting takes place in four stages. You can visually see where in the process you are and if you need to, you can click every step of this menu to navigate forwards and backwards. 
  4. Under Meeting Information, fillin:
  • A) Title – For example, Year 7 Parent-Teacher Meeting,
  • B) Information to attendees – The information filled in here is communicated to all students and guardians invited to a Parent-Teacher Meeting. 
  1. Choose:
  • A) Create Teams Meeting – If this option is selected, a Teams meeting will be created for each individual Parent-Teacher Meeting sent out.
  • B) Student-led – If this option is selected, all students will be allowed to host their own Parent-Teacher Meeting. 
  1. Under Attendees,choose who will be invited to the meeting. Under Attendees, you will see your student mentor groups, you can choose the entire group here, or select the individuals that you want to invite. If you select the entire group, all students and guardians are invited to separate meetings. There will be one meeting per family here.
  2. ClickNext. 
  3. Once you click next, you will be prompted if you want to send out a Questionnaire to students?

If you choose:

  • Yes – this gives you the option to add Forms to the meeting and Forms that attendees can fill out ahead of the meeting. Alternatively, this is chosen in this instruction.
  • No – You skip Forms and come to Meeting sessions. 
  1. Clickthe Yes button.


  1. Add forms.


  1. Fill out the form:
  • A) Form Template – Choose a template from the drop-down menu. After you select a template, a preview of the form appears at the bottom of the current window.
  • B) Form title – filled in automatically – you can change this if you prefer.
  • C) Description – describe the form. This field can be left blank.
  • D) Use
    • Follow-up in the meeting – select to fill out the form during the meeting
    • Send to attendees – select to send the form to students and/or guardians ahead of the meeting. The people you choose will receive their own copy that they can fill out. 
  1. ClickSave.


  1. Your form will now be added.

Depending on the settings you chose when you added the form, you will receive between 1-3 forms. 

  • A) Follow-up – Filled in during the meeting.
  • B) Assigned students – The Student’s individual copy.
  • C) Assigned guardian – The Guardian’s individual copy.



  1. ClickNext.


  1. Meeting sessions– You are now prompted if you would like to create meeting times that guardians can book. 
  • Yes – you can create meeting times, you can choose to do this later if you do not know which days/times you can hold the Parent-Teacher Meeting. You can also add additional times at a later stage. Alternatively, this is chosen in this instruction.
  • No – You skip “Meeting Sessions” and come to “Review and Save”. 
  1. Meeting Sessions– Click the Question Mark to get an instruction directly from within Haldor on how to proceed.
  2. After you have added your meeting times, clickNext. If you prefer, you can add additional times at a later date.
  3. You are now at the last step that is Review and Save. Here you can now choose to publish your meeting or save it as a draft.
  • A) Save and Publish – The meeting will be visible to all students and guardians who are invited. Guardians can now go in and book to attend the times you specified.
  • B) Save draft – The meeting is only visible to you as a student mentor. You can continue to edit the Parent-Teacher Meeting and publish it at a later date.
  1. If you selected
  • Save and publish. You will come directly into the Parent-Teacher Meeting, here each student is specified with their own meeting.
  • Save draft and you will be redirected directly to Booking Management
  1. The Parent-Teacher Meeting can be found in the left menu under Parent-Teacher Meeting.Here it is made clear if it is a published Parent-Teacher Meeting or a draft. 

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