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As a teacher and student mentor, you can assign Reasonable adjustments to students that you are teaching. 


  1. Click Summative Judgements in the left menu.
  2. Clickthe education group that includes the current student.
  3. In the student list, clickthe student you want to assign a reasonable adjustment. 
  4. You will now come to a view to write a new summative judgement, move to the bottom of it. 


  1. ClickReasonable Adjustments. If there are already Reasonable Adjustments, these will appear here.


  1. ClickAssign Reasonable Adjustment.
  2. Choose reasonable adjustment– Choose one of the templates available here. If there is no template that matches the type of reasonable adjustment you need, contact a special education teacher and ask them to create a template for you. If it is urgent, you can choose the Other option and create a temporary template. 
  3. Description– filled in automatically if there is text in the template. You can change this text as needed.
  4. Choosethe subjects where the student’s adjustment will be displayed.
  • A) Select your selections.
  • B) Click Save.
  1. The reasonable adjustment is now assigned to the student for the subjects you selected.



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