Add Subjects for Summative Judgements

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Subjects are added to your colleagues so they can write summative judgements.


  1. In the Search Barin the upper-right corner, search for the colleague for whom you want to edit subjects.
  2. Choose the colleaguefrom the hit list for whom you want to edit subjects.
  3. You will now see a view for your Colleague.
  • A) Click Subjects
  • B) All the subjects that the teacher can currently write summative judgements for are presented here.
  • C) Click the Bin to remove a subject.
  • D) Click Add to add subjects to a teacher.
  1. Add
  • A) Search for the subject that the colleague is to have. Press Enter key to get search results
  • B) Select the subject that the colleague is to have.
  1. ClickSave located at the bottom of the form.

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