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This guide shows you how to write summative judgements in Haldor as an educating teacher. As soon as your summative judgement is published, it will be visible for:

  • Student mentor
  • Student
  • Guardians.


  1. Click Summative Judgements in the left menu.
  2. You will now be redirected to a page that shows all your subjects and education groups in which you can write summative judgements. Your subjects are made visible as headers, below which you will find your education groups.
  3. Click the education group for which you want to write your summative judgement.
  4. In the student list, click the studentfor whom you want to write a summative judgement for. 
  5. When you write your summative judgement, all your Assessments in the current subject are grouped at the top of the page. Click one of the Bars to see a list that shows all your assessed assignments/plans.
  6. By default, there are three levels for writing summative judgements. Your school/municipality may have levels that are different from those presented in this instruction. Selectthe level that the student has reached. 
  7. Enter in the Feedback box to provide feedback for the student.
  8. Save
  • Choose Save Summative Judgement – once you have finished writing your summative judgement and want your student mentor, student, and guardian to see the summative judgement.
  • Choose Save Draft – if you have not finished writing your summative judgement or want to delay publishing until a later date. 


  1. Once you have saved your summative judgement, you will return to the student list.
  • Published summative judgement – If you have published your summative judgement, you will see the selected level and date the summative judgement was written. This summative judgement is now visible to student mentors, students and guardians
  • Saved as draft – If you saved the summative judgement as a Draft, this is shown here


Publish summative judgements that are saved as “Drafts”.

  1. Clickthe student
  2. Once you have made any additions or changes to the summative judgement, you can then click Save summative judgement. The summative judgement will now be published for the student mentor, student and guardian.

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