Immersive Reader in Messages

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Microsoft Immersive Reader is a read support tool. In Haldor you will find the feature in several locations and it can be used by staff, students and guardians. 


  1. Go into an ongoing conversation.
  • A) Click the three dots (...) displayed next to each message sent or received.
  • B) Choose Immersive Reader.


  1. The text contained in the message opens in the Immersive Reader.


  1. Customise textthrough Text Preferences, Grammar Options, and Reading Preferences.
  • A) Text Preferences
    • Adjust text size.
    • Adjust spacing between words and characters.
    • Change Font.
    • Change Theme.
  • B) Grammar Options
    • Enable Syllables.
    • Make visible all * contained in the text.
    •  *Noun
    •  *Verb
    •  *Adjective
    • *Adverb
  • C) Reading Preferences
    • Set a Line focus to three levels.
    • Disable/enable Image Glossary.
    • Translate the text.
    • Word for word.
    • Entire Document.
  1. Listento the text, by A) clicking Play. Under Voice Preferences, you can set playback speed and make voice selections.  
  2. Click the arrow in the upper-left corner to exitthe Immersive Reader.

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