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You can download calendar files for your booked meetings. A calendar file can then be imported into your calendar app, such as into Outlook. You can only download calendar files for one meeting at a time. If you want to download a calendar file for all the booked meetings, you need to repeat the process below for all your students. 

  1. ClickParent-Teacher Meeting in the left menu.
  2. Clickthe Parent-Teacher Meeting where you want to download the calendar file.
  3. Clickthe Student (meeting) for which you want to download a calendar file.
  4. ClickCalendar File located under Tools.
  5. A .ics file is downloaded to your computer, the file name is nedladdning.icsif you want to search for it.

Downloaded files through Teams/Browsers are placed in the Downloads folder. If you/your organisation has changed this setting, the file may appear somewhere else

  1. Clickthe downloaded file. The file opens with your default calendar app and the meeting is added to your calendar.



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