Add Bookable Times to a Created Parent-Teacher Meeting

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  1. ClickParent-Teacher Meeting in the left menu.
  2. Clickthe Parent-Teacher Meeting to which you want to add meeting times. 
  3. ClickBooking Management.
  4. Enter:
  • A) Meeting length – How long the meeting is to last.
  • B) Break between meetings – How long a break do you want between each meeting.
  • C) Click Add Date – Add date for meetings to take place.
  1. Enter:
  • Start date – the date when meetings are to be created.
  • Start time – When the first meeting can begin.
  • End time – No meeting can go over this time. 
  1. ClickCreate.


  1. You have added new bookable times. The times can be booked by you as a student mentor or by a guardian/student of legal age.

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