Write Summative Judgements for Multiple Students at Once

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  1. Click Summative Judgements in the left menu
  2. You will now be redirected to a page that shows all your subjects and education groups in which you can write summative judgements. Your subjects are made visible as headers, below which you will find your education groups.
  3. Clickthe education group for which you want to write your summative judgement
  4. Select
  • A: All students – to write the same summative judgement for all students
  • B: Select/deselect single student – To write the same summative judgement for certain students, select the students one by one.
  1. At the bottom of the student list, clickNew summative judgement
  • A: Students – The students you selected in the previous step appear here. You now write a summative judgement for these
  • B: Summative Judgement – Select the summative judgement you want to give for the selected students
  • C: Feedback – Write the feedback you want to give selected students
  1. 6. Click Save
  2. Once you have saved your summative judgement, you will return to the student list. The selected students’ summative judgements are set as Drafts
  3. Publish Draft
  • A: Click a student. You can now make any additions/changes to the individual student’s summative judgement. Click Save summative judgement to publish the summative judgement.
  • B: Select the students for whom you want to publish the summative judgement. At the bottom of the student list, click Publish summative judgements

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