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Pedagogical plans can be used by a teacher to make visible the areas to work on over the coming period. It is also a way for the teacher to gather all the material that students need in one place. 

  1. ClickPlans located in the left menu
  2. The plans will be presented in a Gantt view in four weeks. 
  • A: Navigate forwards or backwards to see upcoming/previous plans
  • B: A plan
  1. ClickPlan to access it and view its contents
  2. The following information appears inside a Plan
  • A: Description – Instructions/information about the work area
  • B: Star – Bookmark the plan to create a short cut under Bookmarks
  • C: Conversation – communicate with the educating teachers about the plan
  • D: Print View – print the plan
  1. Scrolldown the page.
  2. Under the description field, you will see
  • A: Assignments – all assignments linked to the plan appear under this header
  • B: An assignment
  1. Scrolldown the page
  2. Here you can view 
  • A: Learning Goals – The learning goals you will be assessed on.
  • B: Click the arrow to drop down the learning goals
  • C: Attachments – If there are attachments in the plan, these will appear here. Click a file to download a copy to your computer.

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