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  1. ClickDevelopment Overview in the left menu
  2. You will now come to your Student portfolio
  3. Here you will find all your Assessments
  • A: Check that Assessments is selected. All your subjects appear in a list.
  • B: Click the arrow to drop down the learning goals and view all your assessments
  • C: Click the arrow to view all your feedback from assignments and plans from the current subject.
  1. Click
  • A: Summative Judgements
  • B: Your subjects appear here
  • C: Each subject shows your summative judgement. Click the summative judgement to read any comments from your teacher.
  1. If you click a summative judgement, you will see
  • A: Your previous assessments.
  • B: Your summative judgement
  • C: Comments/Feedback from your teacher
  • D: Previous summative judgements
  1. Click
  • A: Attendance
  • B: Statistics – Here you can view aggregated statistics (B is affected by selections made under D & E)
  • C: Attendance – Here you can view all attendance/absence reports (C is affected by selections made under D & E)
  • D: Filter – use the filtering feature to make, for example, all Authorised absences visible. 
  • E: Subject/Course – here you can choose to make visible all attendance/absence data from a specific subject.
  1. Click Reasonable Adjustments
  • A: Here you can view your reasonable adjustments
  • B: Here you can see when 
    • The reasonable adjustment started
    • If it is Enabled
    • The subjects the adjustment applies to

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