See Version History for a Document

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Possible scenarios where you may want to see version history. 

  • Group work
    • Which students have contributed to the document?
      • Note for information: If several students are working in the document at the same time, the feature can sometimes miss the fact that individual students have worked in the document. 
  • Individual work
    • Has the student written all the text at the same time, possibly cheating?
    • If any text has disappeared from a student’s submission, this can be restored. 
  1. Open your student’s document in Word Online directly in Haldor or through a web browser. 
  2. ClickFile 
  3. ClickInformation
  4. ClickVersion History
  5. You can now do the following
  • A: Navigate between versions – the right menu displays all versions of the document you are in.
    • Example 
      • A1. Current version – This version is the Current version. This version has been submitted by the student as part of the assignment or is currently working on it.
      • A2. Previous version – This version is selected and displayed on the screen.
      • A3. Previous version – Updated version
      • A4. First version – First version of the document.
  • B: Crossed out text – content removed from previous version 
  • C: Underlined text – content added and is new to this version
  • D: To restore the document to the version you currently have up, click here. This creates another new version of the document. 

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