Connect knowledge requirements to an assignment

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  1. Once you have created a assignments through the Team's assignment function, the assignment will appear in Haldor without having to actively select it.
  • A) Team soup poison visible in Haldor
  • B) Data created with Haldor's task function
  • A1) Zoomed-in image from A
  • B2) Zoomed-in image from B


  1. Click the Teams task in Haldor.
  2. Click:
  • A) Connect knowledge requirements.
  • B) You can use editing knowledge requirements to apply knowledge requirements, this button is primarily used if you want to addadditional/remove knowledge requirements at a later stage.
  1. Select the knowledge requirements that you want to associate with the task.
  • A) Select a knowledge requirement.
  • B) Add any Clarifications of the knowledge
  1. Click Save Knowledge Requirements,  which you will find at the bottom.
  2. The knowledge requirements are now linked to the Team Task through Haldor. You can now use Haldor to grade a Team Assignment.

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