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  1. In the left menu, click Plans.
  2. Click Create, which you will find in the upper right.
  3. Select the Group(s) for which you want to publish a planning.
  4. Angel:
  • A) Start and end dates.
  • B) Title.
  • C) Description - your instructions/what to do during planning.
  1. If there are any extra customizations in the group for which you are creating a planning, these are shown here. You can read the extra customization by clicking on one of the cards.
  2. Attach Files - To attach a file, click Select Files.
  3. You will now come to your OneDrive. You need to keep the files in OneDrive to attach them.
  • A) Select the files that you want to attach to your planning.
  • B) Select Select when you have selected the files you want to attach and they will be added to the planning.
  1. Link tasks - search for tasks by searching for a task that you want to associate with your planning.
  2. Under Knowledge requirements, add the knowledge requirements that you want to work with during planning.
  • A) Select knowledge requirements.
  • B) Write any
  • C) If your topic is missing here, you can select Add subject/course and look up your
  1. Choose which Central Content you want to work with.
  2. Finish the form by selecting one of the following options:
  • A) Publish - Planning is published for your students
  • B) Save draft - Planning is only visible to you
  • C) Cancel - None of what you have done is saved.

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