Student Mentor – Assign a Additional adjustments

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  1. Search for the student’s namein the search box in the upper right corner. 
  2. Click thestudent to which you want to assign a reasonable adjustment.
  3. Click Reasonable Adjustments.
  4. You will now see the adjustments already assigned to the student.
  5. Click New adjustment.
  6. ClickChoose Reasonable Adjustment.
  7. Choosethe reasonable adjustment template that you want to start from.
  8. In the Description field,the text is filled in that is present in the template. You can customise this text to suit the student for whom you are creating the adjustment. 
  9. You can now addthe subjects where the student’s adjustment will appear.
  • A) Select the required subjects.
  • B) Click Save.
  1. The reasonable adjustment is assigned to the student. The reasonable adjustment will be displayed for:
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Student mentor
  • Teachers
  • Student
  • Guardians
  • School administrator
  1. The reasonable adjustment can be seen in:
  • Student portfolio
  • Student Mentor Overview
  • Plans
  • Assignments

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