Consent Haldor Education

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Are you a Global Administrator for the Microsoft tenant and about to consent Haldor Education as an integrated service?


  1. Open

  2. Login with your Administrator account.

  3. If presented, accept the permissions for Haldor Portal. This is needed for reading the necessary information about your Microsoft tenant.

  4. The service overview:

  5. Click "Consent to Haldor Education". 

  6. Select your Global Administrator Account

  7. Accept the permissions for Haldor Education
  8. Done!

    In the Azure Portal a Global Admin can list the Haldor-related applications and their permissions:



If needed, you can add the Haldor Education application to your Teams environment giving all users easy access to Haldor Education without the need for each user to add the application on their own.
View: "Add Haldor for all users in your Microsoft Teams tenant"


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