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Curricula are used in Haldor to enable teachers to carry out assessments of learning goals and make central content visible in their groups’ plans and assignments. 

  1. Click  Curriculums in the left menu.
  2. Click Create.

  3. Fill in:
  • Title – Course name
  • ID – Course code. 
  • Subject - create or connect to a subject
  • Description – Describe the course
  • Purpose – Purpose of the course
  1. Click Central Content
  • A) Section 1 – Sections are used as headers. You can choose to have one or more sections
  • B) Content – Fill in your content that matches the section you are in
  • C) + Add content – Add additional content columns
  • D) + Add section – Add additional sections
  1. Click Learning Goals and fill in the fields
  • A) Choose steps – Choose how many steps there should be in your matrix.
    • The steps are added when you click + Add Block further down the page.
  • B) Not achieved – Counts as a step, choose if you want to include this.
  • C) + Add Header – Divide the learning goals into different Headers. The headers belong to the section.
  • D) + Add Subheader– Divide learning goals by different sub-headers. The sub-header belongs to the section.
  • E) + Add blocks – Here you fill in a matrix with your levels.
  • F) + Add Section – Add additional sections to divide your learning goals.
  1. Click Publish to exit. When you have published the currivula you can add it to your group

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