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As a school administrator, you can add guardians to a student. Guardians will then be given the option to log in to parent.haldoredu.com and follow their child.

  1. Click Search located in the upper right corner and search for the student.
  2. Click the Student.
  3. Inside the student portfolio.
  • A) Click Details.
  • B) Click  Add.
  1. Fill out the form, click Save (C) to exit.
  • A) E-mail – Guardian’s e-mail address. This must be correct. 
  • B) First name and last name – Needs to be filled in, but can be a false name.
  • Telephone number and address details – Does not need to be filled in. The guardian can fill in these fields.
  1. Notify the guardian that they now have an account in Haldor. If the guardian has not received an e-mail with their password, ask the guardian to go to parent.haldoredu.com and click Forgot password and they will receive a new one sent to the e-mail address specified. 

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