Assess a Teams Assignment in Haldor

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  1. Click Assignments in the left menu,
  2. Click the assignment you want to assess.
  3. Scroll down to come to the student list.
  4. Check the student’s Status, you can only make an assessment if the student has theSubmitted status.
  5. Click View files located adjacent to the student
  6. You come into the student’s file area. The student’s document is embedded directly in the page. If the student has submitted multiple documents, you can navigate between them in the document list under Details.
  7. Click Assessment to start the assessment.
  8. You can assess the student using the following options. You choose whether you want to use all the options or just one of them.
  • A) Edit documents – you can edit the student’s documents and add comments in the student’s submission
  • B) Learning Goals – select the level the student has passed next to each learning goal
  • C) Feedback – provide overall feedback on the student’s submission.


  1. ClickSave Assessment after you have made your assessment
  2. If you plan toassess more students,you can navigate on to the next student using the arrows in the top right corner.
  3. Clickthe Arrow next to the assignment name to return to the assignment page when you have finished your assessments.
  4. In the Assessment status category, the student has now been assigned the Assessment started status.
  5. Various options under the Assessment status;
  • A) Assessment started – You have started an assessment that is not published for the student.
  • B) Assessment published – You are finished with your assessment and it is published for the student.
  • C) Assessment not published – You are finished with your assessment but it is not published for the student.
  1. To publish an assessment for a student: Change statusfrom Assessment startedto Assessment published.

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