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Microsoft’s Immersive Reader can be found in assignments.


1. In Assignments, you will always find Immersive Readerat the top. Click Immersive Reader to start the service.



2. The text opens and some customisation of the text has already taken place.


3. Customise with Text Preferences, Grammar Options and Reading Preferences.


  • A) Text Preferences
    • Adjust text size.
    • Increase spacing between characters.
    • Change font.
    • Adjust themes (colours).
  • B) Grammar Options
    • Select syllables.
    • Make word classes visible.
  • C) Reading Preferences
    • Set a line focus.
    • Image glossaries.
    • Translate text.


4. In the Immersive Reader you can also listen to the text.

  • A) Click Play to listen.
  • B) In Voice settings you can customise playback speed and choose speech voice.


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