Teams – Link Learning Goals to a Teams Assignment

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If you use Team’s assignment feature but want to assess your assignments in Haldor, you can link the assignment to Haldor and assess using the learning goals in your subject. By default, this feature is not enabled for our customers. If you create Teams Assignments and the assignments are not visible in Haldor, please contact us at and we will activate the feature for you. 


  1. After you create an assignment through Team's assignment feature, the assignment will appear in Haldor without you actively having to choose this.
  • A: Teams assignment visible in Haldor
  • B: Assignment created with Haldor’s assignment feature
  • A1: Zoomed-in image from A
  • B2: Zoomed-in image from B
  1. ClickThe Assignment in Haldor
  2. Click 
  • A: Link learning goals
  • B: Edit learning goals you can use to Link learning goals, this button is primarily used if you want to add additional/remove learning goals at a later stage. 
  1. Selectthe learning goals that you want to link to the assignment.
  • A: Selection of a learning goal
  • B: Add clarifications, if any, to the learning goal.
  1. ClickSave learning goals located at the bottom of the screen.
  2. The learning goalsare now linked to the Teams assignment through Haldor. You can now use Haldor to assess a Teams assignment.

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