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If you use Team’s assignment feature but want to assess your assignments in Haldor, you can link the assignment to Haldor and assess using the learning goals in your subject. By default, this feature is not enabled for our customers. If you create Teams Assignments and the assignments are not visible in Haldor, please contact us at and we will activate the feature for you. 


  1. After you create an assignment through Team's assignment feature, the assignment will appear in Haldor without you actively having to choose this.
  2. ClickThe Assignment in Haldor
  1. Click Edit learning goals 
  2. Create assessment

    • A) + Add goal.  Here you create your own matrix based on your own goals.
    • B) + Add knowledge requirement.  Here you can choose to add knowledge requirements from your created curricula

    You can choose whether you want to add both your own goals and knowledge requirement

4. Click + Add goal

  • A) In the Goal description field , enter a description of the goal. You can specify here what is expected of the student in the assignment.
  • B) + Add steps – Here you add the assessment steps to your goal. You can add as many steps as you want. 
  • C) Add step for not achieved  - If this field is checked, a step for "Not achieved" is added to your matrix. You can change the text from Not achieved to something else. You need to have the step not achieved to be able to assess the student's demonstrated knowledge as "Not approved". If this step does not exist, the student's demonstrated knowledge is marked as at least "Pass" in Haldor's assessment reviews. 

5. Choose what should be visible and for whom by clicking on the eyes. A crossed out eye at a goal means that the goal will not be displayed to the user group whose eye is crossed out.

An open eye means for


  • The goal will be shown to the student as they enter the assignment
  • The assessment of the goal, how to mark in the matrix, will be shown to the student.
    • When you make an assessment of a goal, you have the opportunity to give written feedback. This feedback is always displayed to a student even if you have a crossed out eye. 


  • The goal will be shown to guardians when they enter the assignment
  • The assessment of the goal, how to mark in the matrix, will be displayed to the guardian
    • When you make an assessment of a goal, you have the opportunity to give written feedback. If you want guardians to see this feedback, leave the lower eye Show feedback to guardians open.  

Consequently, a crossed out eye  means that the goalor assessment is not displayed to the current user group that has a crossed out eye.  

6. In order for your goal to be linked to a subject, you also need to connect knowledge requirements. Your goal and any assessments of the goal will otherwise not be together with the other assessments carried out in your subject. 


7. Click + Add  knowledge requirement (A)   In  the following example,  an own goal is created, when assessment criteria are added in this case, the goal will be linked to the subject / course or subjects / courses that are added. If you don't want your created goal to be linked to a topic/course. Instead, select  Add teacher assessment (B)


8.You now need to choose from which subject/course you want to get the assessment criteria from. The Group Subjects/Courses  (A) list appears first. Here are all the subject courses that are added to your group. If your subject/course is missing, you can search for the course via Search subject/course (B).

  • If your subject/course is under Group topics/courses, select it and click Add which is at the bottom of the list.

B) If your subject/course is missing. Click

  • B1) Search subject/course
  • B2) Search for your subject/course. Press the Enter key to perform the search.
  • B3) Mark your subject/course
  • B4) Choose whether you want the topic/course to be added to the group. This is recommended if you will be using the same topic/course on more occasions.
  • B5) Click Add

9. Your subject/course is now added and you can choose the assessment criteria and grading criteria that you want to use in the assignment. You do not have to choose any assessment criteria/grading criteria, but can skip highlighting these if you do not want to use them in your assessment but connect your own goals to a subject.

  • A) Above each assessment criterion/grading criterion is a checkbox. If this is highlighted, all sentences within the current assessment criterion/grade criterion are highlighted.
  • B) If you only want one sentence within an assessment criterion/rating criterion, click on the checkbox next to the current sentence.

10. Hit save learning goals

11. You will know find your learning goals connected to the teams assignment 


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