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All plans in Haldor can be reused and republished for a new student group. You can copy plans that you created yourself, or plans that your colleagues have created. You can only copy plans from your municipality/school.

  1. Searchfor one of the following in the search box in the Overview page:
  • Name/subject word of the Plan – your/others’ plans that match the search query
  • Your name – all the plans you have created appear
  • Education group – all plans published for a specific education group
  1. Scrolldown the hit list until you find the Plans header. Here you can see all the plans that match your search query. Click the plan that you want to copy.
  2. You now have access to the plan and can check if it is this plan that you want to copy. If you chose the wrong plan, you can backtrack and choose another one.
  3. ClickCopy under the Tools header out to the right.
  4. You now come to a form to create a plan, this form is completed with all the material that can be copied from the plan you are copying. Make any adjustments to the content and publish the plansfor a new education group. 


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