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  1. Select the students for which you want to create an assignment. All students are selected by default. Students who are deselected will not see the assignment.
  2. ChooseTypeof the assignment
  3. Fill in the fields:
  • A) Start and start time – end and end time for the assignment.
  • B) Title of the assignment.
  • C) Description of what students are to do in the assignment (assignment instructions).


  1. Type of assessment – As a teacher you always make the assessment, here you can choose to add the following options in addition to your own assessment. Note: You do not have to choose an option. 
  • A) Peer assessment – for example, Student 1 assesses Student 2, Student 2 assesses Student 3 read more about peer assessment by clicking here.
  • B) Self-assessment – the student assesses their own work. Read more about Self-assessment by clicking here.
  1. Attach files– To attach a file, clickChoose Files.
  2. You will now come to your OneDrive. You need to have the files in OneDrive to attach them.
  • A) Select the files you want to attach to your plan.
  • B) Choose Select after you select the files you want to attach and they will be added to the assignment.
  1. Choose file types 
  • A) Instruction – the file is added as a downloadable document for students
  • B) Template Document – the file is added to the students’ workspace. Students are each given a copy of this document, which is where they complete their assignment. Note: After you add a template document and publish the assignment, you cannot remove/change the template document. This is because the document was copied to all students and a student may have already started writing in the document.
  1. Under Learning Goals,you add the learning goals that you want to work on to the assignment. You make your assessments according to the learning goals that you add here. 
  • A) Choose learning goals.
  • B) Write any clarifications.
  • C) If your subject is missing here, you can choose Add subject/course and find your subject.
  1. Under Reasonable adjustments,you will see the adjustments available to students in the group for which the assignment was created.


  1. To exit the form, choose one of the following options:
  • A) Publish – The assignment is published for your students
  • B) Save draft – The assignment is only visible to you
  • C) Cancel – Nothing of what you have entered is saved.
  1. You will now return to the plan.
  2. Both you and the students assigned to the assignment can see the assignment in the plan and under Assignments in the left menu.

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