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  1. Click Plans in the left menu.
  2. Click Create located in the upper right corner.
  3. Select the Group(s) for which you want to publish a plan. Note: If you choose to create a plan for three groups, for example, the plan will be copied and become three plans. Each group gets its own plan.
  4. Enter:
  • A) Start and end dates.
  • B) Title.
  1. Under Learning Goals, you add the learning goals that you want to work on during the plan.
  • A) Choose learning goals.
  • B) Write any clarifications.
  • C) If your subject is missing here, you can choose Add subject/course and find your subject.


  1. Choose the Subject/Lesson Content that you want to work with.
  2. If there are any Additional Adjustments in the student group for which you have created a plan, these are shown here. You can read the additional adjustment by clicking it.
  3. Click in the Text field 
    mceclip1.png Text field 
    • A) Content icon – shows the type of content you are working on
    • B) Enter header – Add a header to the text field. This field can be left blank. 
    • C) Bin – removes the entire text field and all the information you have written/entered.
    • D) Arrows – move the text field up or down (more than one field has to be added)
    • E) Content – Enter your instructions/information.mceclip0.png
  4. Click Add content
  5. Under Add content, you have the option to add the material that students need when working on the plan. 
  • A) Text field – text instructions, here you can also embed images and video clips
  • B) Link to resources outside of Haldor and Teams
  • C) Files 
  • D) Assignments – Create assignments or link existing assignments to the plan
  • E) Skolon – Link resources from Skolon directly to the plan. Requires a login to Skolon. If the feature is not displayed, it is not enabled for your school/municipality.

This instruction does not provide a detailed overview of each content type. A general instruction as well as Text Fields and Files will be addressed in this instruction. To read more about adding other content types, click a content type in the list above.

  1. Click Files
  2. A new window opens from which you can view the files
  • A) Your OneDrive
  • B) Files in your linked groups
  1. To add files you
  • A) Select the files you want to attach to your plan.
  • B) Choose Select after you have selected the files you want to attach and they will be added to the plan.
  1. A file block is added which shows
  • A) Content icon – shows the type of content you are working on
  • B) Enter header – Add a header to the file block. This field can be left blank. 
  • C) Bin – removes the file block and all added files
  • D) Arrows – move the file block up or down (more than one block has to be added)
  • E) Added file
  1. When you have one or more files, click
  • A) Bin to remove a file
  • B) Add file to add additional files.
  1. To exit the form, choose one of the following options:
  • Publish – The plan is published for your students
  • Save draft – The plan is only visible to you
  • Cancel – Nothing of what you have entered is saved.


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