Manage text field in the plan

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Text field

Click Text field 

  • A) Content icon – shows the type of content you are working on
  • B) Enter header – Add a header to the text field. This field can be left blank. 
  • C) Bin – removes the text field
  • D) Arrows – move the text field up or down (more than one field has to be added)
  • E) Content – Enter your instructions.

Add images to the text field.

  1. Go to the image you want to embed, the image must be on the web. For example, via Google or in your OneDrive. 
  2. Right-click on the image and select Copy Image Address.
  3. Go back to Haldor and click the text field where you want to place your image
  4. Click on the image icon
  • A) Paste in your link
  • B) Press OK


  1. The image is now embedded in the text field

Embed other services in the text field

The text field can handle all kinds of embedding codes, such as YouTube, Microsoft Sway, Vimeo, SR etc.

  1. Go to the service you want to embed and download an embed code which usually appears as follows:
  2. Paste the embed code in the Text field. Once the plan is published, your material will be visible directly in the plan.

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