Manage links in the plan

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  1. Click Add Content
  2. Clink Link
  3. A new window will open, enter
  • A) Web link* – The link address
  • B) Link name – display name of the link
  1. Click Add
  2. A link block is added, in this you will see
  • A) Content icon – shows the type of content you are working on
  • B) Enter header – Add a header to the link block. This field can be left blank. 
  • C) Bin – removes the link block and all added links
  • D) Arrows – move the link block up or down (more than one block has to be added)
  1. Link added, click
  • A) Bin to remove the link
  • B) Pen to edit link address or link name
  • C) Add link to add additional links to the same block.

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